Sunday, July 19, 2009

"With great power, comes great responsibility!"

For those few that have followed this blog, you will understand that our Web design class is now over but that life in Blog-world has just begun. For others, you will go back to your typical lives; but STOP, ask yourself . . . "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" Times have changed. Those people used to be the guy or gal next door and now it can be the guy or gal in Japan for all we know.

The Internet has made our world that much smaller. In many ways, it's a good thing . . . in some ways, it has become our demise. So what should we take away from a service that connects billions of people with a click of a button? RESPONSIBILITY! Just because we have the power does not always mean we need to yield for our own benefit. If you stop and think about it, we use the Internet or the World Wide Web as a means to make our lives easier . . . but is easier always better?

Follow this one thought . . . if man didn't take the time to work hard, we couldn't make things easier. There are very few people that really appreciate hard work unless it benefits themselves, but for those who understand that hard work should be used to benefit others, they reap the benefit of their labor to the fullest.

My point? Work smarter, not harder but WORK . . . LEARN, SERVE, EDUCATE . . . stop and smell the roses now that you have the extra time. Don't become lazy because of the Internet or other modern technologies, become educated and serve others with the power that you have been given. Take the extra time to serve others now that you have instead of trying to cram more into your already busy lives.

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